"Every other utensil holder universal cuff that I tried was always too big"

I love this product. I was a pediatric OT for 45 years and every other utensil holder (i.e., universal cuff) that I tried was always too big. I started making my own with neoprene, but this product is so much better. It is very easy to use and keep clean...and they come in such a wide variety of sizes. Really worth looking in to.
Sylvia Jeanne Rodoni Koutz

"A miracle and first milestone that went down in my son’s memory book"

My 6 year old son with cerebral palsy is fully dependent on me for EVERYTHING. Using the EazyHold bottle holder he held his own bottle for the first time ever in his life and drank from it. It also made him bring his other hand midline to assist, which is something we have never seen before. These made a MIRACLE AND first milestone that went down in my son’s memory book. They work... even with juice on the bottle making it slippery the EazyHold did not budge or slip. These are amazing!
Chryssy Tsolakidis

"He brushed his own teeth by himself for the first time"

Everything we hoped for! My son is 8 years old with severe cerebral palsy and unable to hold objects alone without help and will only grasp toys or other items occasionally for a few seconds. The eazyhold has allowed him so much fun, to be able to hold a maraca toy to shake shake shake his little heart's desire, and even allows him to hold his favorite action figure, and he brushed his own teeth by himself for the first time. We use them all the time even after many of months having them. They come in handy for lots of activities! I think every special needs child needs these.
Kimmy Waggle

"Now Chloe can play without dropping"

Thank you soooo much for our new Eazyhold devices!! They are AWESOME!!! Now Chloe can play with her chimes, her musical triangle, eat suckers & color without dropping her markers! We will certainly be sharing your info with all her friends at school!
Kirsten Fosgate Boothe

"Each week he gets more confident and better at his tasks"

My son Kieran is 6 years old and has CP. He is unable to hold a utensil for eating on his own. But since the first time we tried these for his fork and spoon, he is able to hold the utensil and concentrate all his effort on putting the food in his mouth, all on his own! He loves the idea that he can control his own feeding. We have also been able to fit an EazyHold to his electric toothbrush. He loves brushing teeth and can also concentrate on getting the toothbrush in his mouth and brush his own teeth! Of course he still needs guidance and prompting, but each week he gets more confident and better at his tasks. He is also able to use the larger ones for holding on to his sippy cup and again put all effort into getting the cup to his mouth, not diverting effort to just holding the cup. Without these devices, Kieran would not be able to experience the ability to do these tasks, and we are hoping with this he will one day be able to do these things all on his own.
E.J. Jaymeson

"I have seen parents, caregivers and patients experience new joys that they thought were only in the past"

What a fantastic product! I thought about 20 different patients simultaneously when I discovered these and have not stopped promoting them since. As an occupational therapist, I have dealt with the struggles of ill fitted universal cuffs and the difficulties of keeping cuffs clean for quite some time. EazyHold's various sizes and easy to clean products are a great fit for all ages and needs. I have had patients feed themselves, resume handwriting or simply brush their doll's hair with these products. I have seen parents, caregivers and patients experience new joys that they thought were only in the past. I highly suggest these for in clinic use and as products to promote to patients. The creators are wonderful to work with, and it is exciting to have a new and passionate company bring something so promising to the therapy world.
Erica Reeves

"Can have the sensation of the utensil in their hand"

The perfect alternative to fabric universal cuffs, plus so many more uses! This product is phenomenal and so versatile! I work in a pediatric clinic and have started to used them daily since they arrived. They are great for facilitating self-feeding with the added bonus that the child can still have the sensation of the utensil in their hand (unlike a universal cuff). They're also great for writing, drawing, and holding toys for kiddos with developmentally delayed grasps! Parents also love them, and I've been providing lots of information for parents to purchase them for home use. I love that they are affordable too! Another reason why I love them for our clinic versus a universal cuff is that they are allergy free and so easy to clean. Thank you again for such a great product and I plan to purchase more.

"Able to draw paint, even use her ipad"

I saw this product on Facebook and went to investigate, I have been looking for pencil holders for my daughter Kerry-Anne who is 10 years old and has quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Kerry-Anne has a challenge holding things in her hand, but with this wonderful product - she is able to draw, paint, even use her ipad. I have shared this product with friends and have now shown her school. The said they will try it out and have lots of fun with it. Her teacher has asked me to order her a set of therapist/teacher 7 pack for the school - I am ordering another packet for me again. Thanks EazyHold for designing a product that our children can use. I highly recommend.
Sheila Cooper

"It's affordable too!"

Bentley is coloring with his new Eazyholds. What an amazing product! He will be able to hold all kinds of new things now. A huge plus to special needs parents and it's affordable too! Thank you Eazyhold for this great product!
Nicole N Matt McGhghy

"The possibilities with these things are endless"

Little drummer boy! We're loving Johnny's new EazyHolds! He can focus on hitting the drum & not get distracted by accidentally opening his hand and dropping the stick. The possibilities with these things are endless- more self feeding, coloring time, & I think I'll be hearing a lot of music! So much fun!
Johnny's Journey

"A First"

Dear EazyHold, today my daughter did something she was never able to do before. Color her first Father's Day card. Thank you so much for making this happen with your awesome product!
Amy Fields

"Holding not one, but TWO things"

Silas got his very first action figure, a ninja turtle thanks to EazyHold. Every little boy needs an action figure! And he's holding not one, but TWO things in both hands at once! Thanks EazyHold!!!
Melly Brown

"Best thing ever"

I just got my eazyhold in the mail for my son, and I am so happy!!!!! He is holding things I never thought he could without my assistance. Best thing ever. Thank you.
Crystal Aleschus


My daughter can finally hold a marker/crayon and color a picture!! Absolutely love your product!!
Shelley Kurtz

"Once in a while, a new product hits the market that can be a game changer. The biggest benefit, the child can explore the object, developing a greater cognitive understanding of the object through the use of the EazyHold, versus not being able to pick up the object at all. Movement through play drives learning in children. EazyHold provides that pathway for movement and exploration.”        Therapist Margeret Rice