Individuals with limb differences, including amputees, face unique challenges in handling objects due to the absence or alteration of limbs. EaZyHold offers a versatile solution by adapting to different limb shapes and sizes, enabling a secure grip on a variety of objects. This adaptability allows users to perform tasks ranging from basic self-care to more complex activities such as using tools or playing sports, enhancing their independence and ability to participate in daily life.

For children with limb differences, EaZyHold facilitates participation in play and educational activities that are crucial for their development and inclusion in social settings. By enabling a secure and comfortable grip on toys, writing instruments, and other educational materials, EaZyHold helps minimize the physical limitations imposed by limb loss, promoting a sense of normalcy and boosting confidence among young users.

In rehabilitation settings, EaZyHold is used to assist individuals recovering from amputation or adapting to prosthetic limbs. It serves as an interim solution for gripping and handling objects while individuals are still learning to use their prosthetics, thereby smoothing the transition and supporting continuous engagement in rehabilitation and daily activities. In many cases users will continue to use EaZyHolds with their prosthetics for activities that require a finer level of dexterity.