Company Profile

Mellin Works LLC, operating as EaZyHold, is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and distributing innovative adaptive living aids. Available through our e-commerce website and a network of 35 independent distributors, EaZyHold is revolutionizing the way individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities approach daily tasks. Our signature product, the EaZyHold silicone universal cuff, provides a reliable grip assist, enabling users with limb loss, hand injuries, or impaired fine and gross motor skills to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) with ease and confidence.

EaZyHold is a versatile tool, making a significant impact in special education facilities, occupational and physical therapy centers, hospitals, and assisted living environments. It also supports adaptive sports, music, and art programs, and enhances everyday household activities. Our product empowers individuals with conditions such as arthritis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, ALS, traumatic brain injury, stroke, or tremors, allowing them to regain their independence and maintain the dignity that comes with self-sufficiency.

Our Mission Statement

At last, a simple solution for children and adults with grip issues to hold writing implements, musical instruments, sports equipment, eating utensils, and toys. EaZyHold is the first universal cuff of its kind approved for use in schools and hospitals. Made from 100% food-grade silicone, our grips are easy to sanitize, super comfortable, and color-coded to size. It’s a must-have in Special Education classes, enabling every child the opportunity to achieve greater success in schoolwork, the arts, eating, and playtime. Movement through work and play drives learning, and EaZyHold provides that pathway for exploration and success.

A family-owned and operated business, EaZyHold was born when arthritis began to prevent the Mellin sisters from enjoying the work and hobbies they loved. Finding no grip aids available on the market, they invented an adaptable, soft, comfortable, hygienic, 100% silicone grip assist. This revolutionary product allows both adults and children, many for the first time, to easily hold utensils, cups, toothbrushes, styluses, kitchen and garden equipment, musical instruments, and even toys comfortably, with the dignity and independence that everyone deserves. Remarkably, EaZyHold is also the first cuff ever made in infant sizes for the tiniest of hands.

EaZyHold is fast becoming a standard rehabilitation and outpatient tool in Occupational Therapists’ and caregivers’ kits, providing reliable, comfortable, hygienic, and affordable assistance when a reliable grip on ADLs is absent. These adaptable aids deliver immediate positive results for stroke rehabilitation and can be sent home with clients to be used and reused on multiple objects that patients would otherwise find impossible to hold independently. EazyHold is now in over a thousand hospitals and care facilities, with hundreds of therapists sharing their profound experiences and wondering why it took so long to have this low-tech, affordable, and high-success resource.

The 100% silicone grip assist is designed to support tools, enable increased function, and reduce the amount of grip and force necessary for tool mobility. With silicone's slightly tacky, flexible properties, it provides a comfortable, non-slip, less taxing work experience in construction, agriculture, and manufacturing. Its ergonomic design maximizes productivity while reducing discomfort.

For workplace and home use, EaZyHold is the first fatigue-reducing grip assist for brooms, rakes, paint rollers, and many other types of equipment. For many people who work with hand tools daily, our product is quickly becoming an essential adaptive aid to help prevent injury from repetitive motion occupations, which cause stress and strain from overuse.

EazyHold is also an essential solution for leveling the playing field for individuals with disabilities and conditions affecting grip or limb loss, enabling them to perform tasks they would otherwise be unable to do while increasing ease, safety, and maintaining diversity in the workplace.

Our Products