EazyHold Yellow Two Pack 4"
Child with cerebral palsy easily uses a toothbrush with a gripping device made of silicone.
Woman draws with a yellow silicone assistive device to help her grasp the pencil.
Infant with grip disabilities plays the xylophone using a soft uniersal cuff.
Hands using a yellow assistive deviceto write with a stylus on a tablet.
Child with poor motor skills grip holding a doll with a eazy strap on her hand.
Happy girl holds her own spoon with a tiny yellow grip aid for children.
Boy with finger and limb loss grips an adapted fork with an eazy to hold cuff.
Hairdresser with a disability holds her comb adapted with an eazyhold ADL.
Two pack of yellow eazyhold silicone gripping aids for daily living

EazyHold Yellow Two Pack 4"

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Yellow Two Pack 4" EazyHold is our smallest silicone adaptive aid for holding something as small as a child's spoon or toothbrush. Little Yellow smallest EZ fits kids hands, or an adults finger or two. Infants can hold a teether or rattle for self-soothing. Kids can hold a spoon, crayon, pencil, toothbrush or toy all by themselves! And for adults, you can use the yellow EZ for fingertip control of a stylus, pen, crochet hook, rat tail comb or makeup pencils beautifully!

* Adult fingertip control for ADLs

* Infant whole hand for comfy grip.