EazyHold Lavender Two Pack 5 1/4" - EazyHold
An adaptive handled fork with a lavender eazyhold securing it to a hand that has trouble holding objects.
Boy plays the drums with lavender eazyholds on the drumsticks of hands with finger loss
Disabled adult grasps drumsticks with modified an eazy to hold U cuff
EazyHold Lavender Two Pack 5 1/4" - EazyHold
EazyHold Lavender Two Pack 5 1/4" - EazyHold
Lavender eazyhold on cutlery to hold a fork and knife in hands with reduced grip.
EazyHold Lavender Two Pack 5 1/4" - EazyHold

EazyHold Lavender Two Pack 5 1/4"

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EazyHold Lavender Two Pack 5 1/4" For ages 12 years to adult. This is the best universal cuff for adapting eating utensils, cutlery, and silverware. It adapts to hold all typical size forks, spoons and knives. Can also stretch to fit some built up handles.

Inclusive design is discreet for dining in or out of your home. Aids the elderly, disabled, those with limb loss or reduced grip and helps people feed themselves independently.

The 100% food grade silicone cuff also adapts easily to hold fine art brushes, toothbrushes, drum sticks and more for assistance with reduced grip when performing repetitive tasks or self-care activities.

Fits ages 12 years to adult. ( If your child is smaller for their age, orange or blue may fit better)

*Made of 100% food grade silicone   

*Can go right into the dishwasher attached to the utensil

*Does not need to be tight on hand to stay put

*Will not degrade, scratch or harbor bacteria

Our Lavender Utensil holder fits youth to adults hands. Unlike other cuffs, our EZ puts the tool in hand allowing for a greater sensory experience. Perfect for adapting forks, spoons, and knives giving you a comfortable, hygienic and discrete way to dine. Take this with you when you travel. It fits all restaurant utensils plastic or metal. Also amazing for drumsticks and fine art implements. Safe and sanitary, put them right into the dishwasher basket for an easy clean!