EaZyHold Aqua Two Pack 6.5" - Universal Cuff Hand Gripper, Silicone Adaptive Grip Aid

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The EaZyHold grip strength support handle is an innovative piece of hand therapy occupational equipment designed for securing a hold on objects. Created for people with limited mobility, hand strength and flexibility of fingers and wrists, providing relief from a variety of disabilities, pain, and stress of repetitive motions on joints. It is also valuable as stroke recovery equipment for use at home to enable independence. This equipment supports and substitutes both static and dynamic functions essential for daily activities and recovery processes. Static functions include the ability to grasp and pinch, which are fundamental for holding and manipulating objects with the fingers and palm. Dynamic functions extend to prehension, manipulation, and engagement in play occupations, necessitating coordinated movements across the wrist, elbow, shoulder, and body. These functions are crucial for activities that require picking up, holding, twisting, turning, and exercising, thereby enhancing one's ability to perform a multitude of daily tasks.

The Aqua EaZyHold Grip Aid Tool is versatile, offering ways to support hand grip and improve wrist stability through an adjustable cuff. This is achieved by choosing one of 10 strap sizes, allowing users to customize the level of grip to suit their recovery or training needs. Additionally, while holding the object equipped with EaZyHold - it allows for the extended finger use that is specifically designed to allow multi-tasking and give relief to the smaller muscles in the fingers and wrists.

For practical uses, EaZyHold substitutes challenging movements such as curling fingers to grasp objects like utensils, bottles or cans, allowing for a more relaxing holding experience. This silicone handle aims to improve quality of life for tasks that require both strength and range of motion. Engaging in various daily living activities throughout the day, especially those involving resistance, can significantly enhance hand strength and independence. These activities are not only beneficial for rehabilitation but also for developing and reaching milestones for kids or re-learning movements for elderly.

The Aqua EaZyHold is a large size that fits thicker objects and medium-large hands or limbs. It is often used for eating on weighted utensils, adaptive spoons, feeding swivel spoons, and various utensil holders for limited mobility by providing an adaptive cuff. It also supports daily grooming and bathing on items such as electric toothbrushes, hair brushes, toilet wands, shower and walker handles. Don't let your disability prevent you from doing the things you love, such as painting, using tools like paint rollers or hammers, gardening and living an independent lifestyle.

Recommended by occupational therapists for use at home, school, senior care facilities, or hospitals - EaZyHold is a must-have item for people with Cerebral Palsy, Arthritis, ALS, Stroke, Tremors, Parkinsons and many other conditions. Teachers and therapists agree - independence is made easy with EaZyHold!

EazyHold 2 pack of soft silicone universal cuffs for 10 years to adult. Great for electric toothbrushes, cooking utensils, brooms, hair brushes, tools, art supplies, tennis racquets, walkers and canes, bike pedals and bike handlebars, sporting equipment and more. Has a wider opening for larger implements.

In the horse barn or garage use the Aqua EazyHold on implements such as a manure-fork, rake, hammer, paint roller or paint brush, post hole diggers and other tools. Use the eazyhold on brushes and equipment for horses, dogs, cats, llamas, goats, and cattle.

  • Non-toxic and latex free
  • Adjustable
  • Hygienic, washable and quick drying
  • Easily transfers to a variety of objects
  • For right or left hand

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