A Look at Low-Tech Assistive Technology - EazyHold

If you struggle with a physical disability or find daily activities too painful due to arthritis, you may be interested in the many assistive devices available.

These devices may be considered assistance technology or low-tech assistive technology.

We want to highlight a few low-tech assistive devices you can use in the kitchen today.

Take a look a the video below.

As you can see, these devices are simple and easy to use.

Most assistive devices serve one purpose – effectively help accomplish a particular activity of daily living.

However, some devices, like our own EazyHold, serve a variety of purposes.

While the devices in the video were designed to cut food, the EazyHold was designed to assist you as you hold a variety of objects – even other assistive devices.

Whether you use it to brush your teeth, read, or play with friends is up to you. The key is you can attach the EazyHold to your hand in a way that re-enforces your grip around objects.

We're excited to be helping people with such a variety of needs, and continue to work on new products as we hear from our customers.

If you're interested in learning more about assistive devices, consider learning more about the EazyHold universal cuff.

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