8 Signs Your Child May Benefit from Occupational Therapy

8 Signs Your Child May Benefit from Occupational Therapy	| EazyHold

If your child lives with exceptional abilities, you may be interested in exploring the options of occupational therapy.

With some time, occupational therapy has proven to be a successful means to improving upper body function.

But how do you know if your child will benefit from it?

Let's take a quick look at some of the signs.

 10 Signs to Consider

  1. Your child sits out and observes the activity of others often.
  2. Poor posture while standing
  3. Struggles to interact with other students or appears upset when touched by others.
  4. Your child avoids learning new games or activities.
  5. Your child avoids activities that require fine motor skills.
  6. Struggles putting on clothing.
  7. Struggles to use scissors or prefers unusual pencil grip.
  8. Struggles with puzzles.

These are just a few signs you may want to consider, however, it's important to understand every child is different.

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