EazyHold universal cuff for daily living assistance

The EazyHold ® universal cuff grip assist is an affordable general use strap that helps people accomplish daily living activities independently despite physical conditions or disabilities impacting grip strength. The flexible universal cuffs attach securely to get a grip on handles of utensils, tools, toys and more! Our adaptable assistive device is made of soft, flexible food-grade silicone, hypoallergenic and latex free. Eazy to use, Eazy to clean and Eazy on the hands!

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"This product is phenomenal and so versatile! I work in a pediatric clinic and have started to used them daily since they arrived. They are great for facilitating self-feeding with the added bonus that the child can still have the sensation of the utensil in their hand (unlike a universal cuff). They're also great for writing, drawing, and holding toys for kiddos with developmentally delayed grasps! Parents also love them, and I've been providing lots of information for parents to purchase them for home use. I love that they are affordable too! Another reason why I love them for our clinic vs a universal cuff is that they are allergy free and so easy to clean. Thank you again for such a great product and plan to purchase more." - Caitlyn

"Our OT brought us one of these to try for my 21 month old, and he went from never holding his own bottle to feeding himself a whole 7oz bottle the second time he used it! He has been doing consistently well at feeding himself bottles with the help of this product. I am definitely ordering some of these!"