EazyHold Youth to Adult 5 Pack - Universal Cuff, Silicone Adaptive Grip Aid

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For approximate ages 10 to Adult

This 5 pack includes 5 Eazyhold universal cuffs for ages approximately 10 years to adult. (If your youths hand is small the Infant to Child pack may be a better fit). The comfortable silicone bands allow you to hold pens, pencils styluses, electric and standard toothbrushes, grooming and toileting aids, tools, toys and technology like remote controls, eating utensils and kitchen implements, musical instruments, art brushes, paint brushes and rollers. Sports equipment like tennis rackets, boat oars, fishing poles. Garden equipment like hoses, rakes, brooms, swimming pool brushes and more. Our Innovative utensil strap makes holding objects less work and more enjoyable!

  • Non-toxic and latex free
  • Adjustable
  • Hygienic, easily washed and quick drying, dishwasher safe
  • Medical grade wipes safe
  • Easily transfers to a variety of objects
  • Durable for spoon, fork, knife
  • For right or left hand

Customer Reviews

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Beth Rank

Pediatric OT here.. I love the EasyHold. It's so simple and has so many applications for my little kids who are just learning to hold spoons and toys. Thanks!


This is an amazing product! The quality is amazing and was exactly what was needed.