EazyHold Two Pack- Blue - 5 1/4"
EazyHold Two Pack- Blue - 5 1/4"
writing with EazyHold universal cuffs
EazyHold Two Pack- Blue - 5 1/4"
Holding my toy with an EazyHold
EazyHold on a kitchen cheese grater and peeler.
EazyHold Two Pack- Blue - 5 1/4"
baking with EazyHold!
grooming a pony with EazyHold universal cuffs
EazyHold on a kitchen whisk and spoon
Two pack of blue EazyHold universal cuffs

EazyHold Two Pack- Blue - 5 1/4"

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EazyHold Blue Two Pack 5 1/4" of soft silicone universal cuffs fits many objects for children to adults. The strap adapts to help you hold toys and tools for those with weak to absent finger flexion or limb loss. It gives you a secure grasp on grooming tools like hair brushes. Holds easily kitchen implements like spatulas and spoons.

Paint more comfortably with fine art brushes. Attach to musical instruments, bike pedals, and bike handlebars, children's and adults walkers, and more! This easy cuff will help you to hold many items for school and home, allowing you much more independence the ability to do more.    

  • Soft and comfortable Silicone
  • Adjustable and adaptable to a variety of objects 
  • Hygienic, dish washable  
  • Easily transfers to a variety of objects
  • Will not fade or scratch
The versatile Blue EZ fits children to small handed adults. From a child's gait trainer or bicycle to get a better handhold. Put on an electric toothbrush for EZ no fuss brushing. Attach to toys and musical instruments. Slip this EZ onto tools and kitchen implements like large spoons and peelers. Use on beauty products and makeup brushes. Even use on horseback riding reins to give you a reliable gripping experience! 


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