In educational settings, EaZyHold offers students the ability to fully engage in learning and artistic activities. By securing tools such as pencils, crayons, glue sticks, rulers, or compasses, EaZyHold facilitates inclusive education where students with physical challenges can participate alongside their peers. This not only supports skill development but also enhances social integration, as students are not sidelined due to their physical limitations. Teachers find EaZyHold particularly useful for adapting classroom materials to meet the diverse needs of their students.

EaZyHold also proves beneficial in helping students with fine motor difficulties manage everyday school tasks, such as writing or using a smartphone or tablet stylus. The grip assist device enables students to maintain a secure and comfortable hold, which can improve handwriting clarity and reduce the physical strain associated with typing or navigating technology. This accessibility is critical for keeping students engaged and ensuring they can complete their schoolwork with greater ease and less frustration. Furthermore, EaZyHold is instrumental during physical education and arts classes, where they help students hold sports equipment or musical instruments. Whether it's gripping a baton in a relay race or a mallet in a music class, EaZyHold allows all students to participate actively and safely in these essential school activities. It encourages a more dynamic and participatory learning environment where every student, regardless of their physical capabilities, can explore their interests and talents.