EaZyHold for Hand Mobility in Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists rely on EaZyHold to assist clients in mastering daily living skills that enhance their independence and quality of life. By facilitating a secure grip on tools and utensils, EaZyHold helps individuals with various disabilities improve their ability to perform tasks such as cooking, personal care, and office work. This adaptive device is particularly beneficial in rehabilitation settings where therapists aim to restore or enhance motor skills and functional abilities.

EaZyHold is also instrumental in occupational therapy programs focused on strengthening fine motor skills and coordination. Therapists use them to tailor activities that meet the specific needs of their clients, ensuring that each individual can participate fully in exercises designed to improve hand functionality. This personalized approach helps speed up recovery and increase the effectiveness of therapy sessions, making EaZyHold a valued asset in therapeutic interventions.

Additionally, occupational therapists appreciate EaZyHold for its role in patient empowerment. By enabling clients to accomplish tasks on their own, EaZyHold helps build confidence and encourages continued practice outside of therapy sessions. This empowerment is crucial for long-term rehabilitation success and fosters a proactive attitude toward managing one's own health and capabilities.

See EaZyHold in Action:

Occupational Therapy Tools for Hands and Limbs

Helping patients to find the appropriate adaptive equipment options for daily living activities is what Occupational Therapists do best. The goal is to improve the patient’s quality of life, and enable them to return to being independent in their daily lifestyle.

While there are many types of OT adaptive equipment on the market, there are no other ready-made, comfortable and super hygienic grip aids for infants and adults like our occupational therapy tools for hands or limbs. Unlike some homemade adaptive ideas which put a foam roller between hand and tool and prevents you from feeling the object, EazyHold puts the tool in hand against the skin, for greater sensory perception and control. You can feel the texture, shape and size of the object. The cold of a fork, or the warmth of a wooden spoon. The vibrating beat of a drumstick or a violins bow on strings. The brush stroke on canvas, the pen on paper. Feel the pressure necessary for delicate shaving or brushing teeth.

And for hospitals and therapy centers where hygiene and infection control is of primary importance there is no comparison between our super hygienic EazyHold or homemade adaptive equipment which can be unsanitary and spread germs.

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Let’s face it, therapy is tiring work! Checkout this free PDF we created with the help of occupational therapists so you can draw inspiration for fun and useful OT activities to do with EaZyHold.

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More Productive Outpatient Therapy Sessions

By providing EazyHolds to take home, your clients can continue to progress independently with fine and gross motor skills at home or work. As therapists, you can help parents to continue their child's therapy in school, at playtime, and home. With the EazyHold Therapy Package, your facility will be prepared for all of the different kinds of ADLs your clients would like to participate in and accomplish.

Our simple one piece silicone band is an innovative alternative to the quad cuff, U cuff, universal cuff with a D ring and other adaptive eating utensils.

Superior to Homemade Adaptive Equipment for Occupational Therapy:

Thousands of occupational therapists have been empowered with the tools for any therapy session needs with EaZyHold. The EazyHold therapy package has an assortment of adaptive cuffs sized to fit a variety of objects and hands or limbs.

  • Puts tool in hand, against the skin
  • Disinfect with hospital grade wipes
  • Dishwashable and dryable
  • Unique color for each size makes it easy to find what you need
  • 8 sizes for infant to adult
  • Will not harbor bacteria or spread germs