Inclusive Gift Guide! December Super Duper Special Edition for Individual Needs this Holiday Season!

It’s that time again! EaZyHold's Inclusive Gift Guide! Games to Gadgets, Toys to Trikes, and Resources to Rock and Roll!

Gift Giving and the importance of Toys and Playtime for Kids of All Ages and Abilities.

Gift-giving to those with limited mobility, function, or cognition can be challenging. So the EaZyHold team polled parents and caregivers to come up with our favorite gift ideas for kids to adults, and even for your favorite Therapist or Special Education Teacher. 

Some of our favorite gift ideas can even be adapted with our soft silicone EazyHold handle to help expand your loved ones' abilities and gift options! 

All infants, children, and teens need toys and playtime!

Hi, I'm Kerry Mellin a designer of adaptive aids for people with disabilities. Through working with kids, I've learned that movement through play drives learning in children. 

That is why "inclusive toys"  or toy adaptions, serve a vital role in providing successful play opportunities for all children allowing them to control and actively explore their worlds by reducing and/or removing barriers to play.

Exploring an object, its visual appeal, smell, shape, taste, and sound fosters learning about the world and the child's relationship to it. 

On a social level, toys enable children to interact with others and participate by engagement. 

On an emotional level, the child will learn important empathy skills by seeing the reactions of others to their participation. 

On a cognitive level, playing with toys provides the necessary feedback for the baby, who will know immediately whether their intended movement was successful. Did it sound pleasant, taste good, feel good, or make someone laugh? 

And on a physical level, playing with toys promotes fine and gross motor skills, improves strength and dexterity, and enables the baby to reach new physical milestones. 

There are so many benefits of playing with toys:
* Increased levels of endorphins, encephalins, and alpha waves in the brain
* Increased dexterity and motor function skills (coordination)
* Increased problem-solving skills
* Increased confidence by learning independent play
* Decreased stress response at a cellular level
* Strengthened immune function
* Improved cardio and aerobic function
* Improved concentration
* Improved circulation
* Increased energy
* Decreased blood pressure
* Learn new skills
* Improved listening skills
* Boosted confidence

So many wonderful benefits of toys and expanding a child's toy box.

by Kerry Mellin

Coogam Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game, For Fine Motor Skills Preschool Gift for Early Learning

Coogam Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game, For Fine Motor Skills Preschool Gift for Early Learning

MAGNETIC FISHING GAME: This simple and adorable fishing game offers hours of fun for children. It comes with 2 Wooden Magnetic Fishing Poles, 1 Wooden Sorting Box, 26 PCS Wooden fish. It is not only a fun activity for your little kids but also is a great toy for learning the alphabet and color recognition!

Book I am Me from A to Z, Victoria Nelson

Book I am Me from A to Z, Victoria Nelson

Join Moriah and Friends on an empowering journey through the alphabet. Through a series of positive affirmations, children will learn to recognize their own amazing qualities and appreciate the things that make everyone wonderfully unique!

The Autism Friendly Cookbook by Lydia Wilkins

The Autism Friendly Cookbook by Lydia Wilkins

Compiling 100 recipes across four core chapters with accessibility information, this book also makes use of 30+ interviews with autistic people and two experts to construct a wonderful narrative, with no ‘junk science’ that suggests food causes Autism or that it should be used to ostensibly control behaviors.

The writer, Lydia Wilkins, is a freelance journalist, author, and speaker who is on the autistic spectrum. Her work covers disability and social issues and has appeared in places such as The Independent, The Metro, The Daily Mail, Refinery 29, Business Insider, PosAbility Magazine and others.

Art Creativity “Magic Ball” Colorful Wand with Flashing LED

Art Creativity “Magic Ball” Colorful Wand with Flashing LED for Boys and Girls - Thrilling Spinning Light Show

MESMERIZING: Keep your kiddo enthralled and engaged with a kaleidoscope of color! They will love this 7.5” magic ball wand that produces a mesmerizing spinning light show and engulfs any room in eye-catching hues. A recipe for hours of exciting fun.

Joovy Tricycoo Push Tricycle for Toddlers and Kids 

Joovy Tricycoo Push Tricycle for Toddlers and Kids

The Joovy Tricycoo 4.1 is your child's first vehicle and the perfect way to introduce balance and coordination, one step at a time. Ideal for babies as young as 10 months, the Tricycoo 4.1 transforms through 4 stages as your child grows. Stage 1 (10 months+) - Parents have full control with the adjustable and removable parent push handle. Baby sits in a padded seat with head support, surround arms and a 5-point harness for their comfort and safety. 

 Fun with the FunctionalHand

Fun with the FunctionalHand

Enables drawing, painting, crafts, eating and so much more. A functional grip assist. One tool to complete multiple everyday tasks. Supports a wide range of ages and disabilities. Holds items in the horizontal or in the vertical orientation.

Dancing Talking Cactus Toy Wriggle Singing Cactus 

Dancing Talking Cactus Toy Wriggle Singing Cactus Mimicking Talking Repeats Plush Toy with 120 Songs

Cactus toy that repeats what you say. Soft Plush Talking Toy Electric Speaking Cactus Baby Toys Funny Creative Kids Toy.

Croove “Rock and Roll” Electronic Drum Set Rechargeable with Headphone Jack 

Croove “Rock and Roll” Electronic Drum Set Rechargeable with Headphone Jack. Makes It A Great Drum Set For Kids

Beginners and pros alike will jam out to their hearts’ content on this electronic drum set featuring a full range of beats with 9 different drum pads including snare, tom, bass and cymbal pads.

Linkamals. Duncan The Storytelling Dragon. The Cuddle Barn Story Telling Friend! 

Linkamals. Duncan The Storytelling Dragon. The Cuddle Barn Story Telling Friend!

Duncan is a purple dragon with blue and green iridescent details that reads from his magical book of fairy tales. His eyes glows, his mouth moves, and he sways as he reads you his favorite stories. Measures 12".

Fine Motor and Literacy Learning Games 

Coogam Sight Words Game with 4 Fun Swatters Set. Fine Motor and Literacy Learning Games

Sight Words Set: The package comes with 400 words features on Dolch’s and Fry’s sight word lists that cover commonly found words with four heavy-duty fly swatters and ten large index card lists of words leveled by five different colors. Each color represents a level from pre-k to grade 3. A fast-paced swat game for 1-4 players for multiple fun!

Backlight LCD Drawing Pad 

Backlight LCD Drawing Pad

Support reuse writing about 100,000 times! The built in battery is protected with small screws and difficult to open except for right way, is more safety for kids.

Infants Nested Bean Zen Sack 

Infants Nested Bean Zen Sack

Gently Weighted Sleep Sacks | Baby: 0-6 Months | Cotton 100% | Help Newborn/Infant Swaddle Transition | 2-Way Zipper | Machine Washable

 Sensory Chew Tubes

Sensory Chew Tubes

Great for kids who like bites on everything like crib, clothes, fingers... This sensory chew toys perfect for them to bite on instead. Help relieve kids' discomfort, anxiety, loneliness.

 Noggin Stick

Noggin Stick

The award-winning NogginStik Developmental Light-up Rattle was designed by early childhood experts to help parents, caregivers and early intervention therapists begin encouraging critical early milestones in infants.


For Adults and Your Favorite Teacher or Therapist

Mobility Towel 

Mobility Towel

The Mobility Towel is a revolutionary new weighted bath towel with handles that helps anyone who struggles to dry themselves after bathing.



If you need a little help in putting your dancing shoes (and ankle foot orthosis) on for the upcoming Holiday Season, try using “The Original AFO Assist”! 

Adaptive Equipment Corner 

Adaptive Equipment Corner Gift Card subscription for teachers or therapists

Resource video library that contains hundreds of helpful videos needed to learn how to safely care for your loved one while keeping yourself safe, too!


Last but not least!

EAZYHOLD is an Innovative Gift Idea for Kids and Adults!

The perfect Gift for Gram, Gramps, Mom or Dad! Everyone in your household will benefit from a better grip whether on Tools, Toys or Tech!Gotta Getta Grip? Are your hands giving out after 2 hours of painting the house, digging that 5th post hole, or reeling in that big fish? There's a solution for that! It's an innovative grip assist that helps you get a better hold on tools and equipment that require a firm grasp and a repetitive motion. It helps relieve the stress and strain that tool use puts on hands and joints, and gives you more control.

Use EazyHold for working around the house and garden. For activities like fishing, tennis, and rowing. Great for no-drop tools when working up on a ladder, or in tight spaces like automobiles or boat engines. Even for musical instruments, Eazyhold makes holding drumsticks effortless. Rock on and get a better grip with EazyHold!

On a ladder (Putting up Christmas lights?
Secure your hammer and pliers in hand to keep them from dropping on your spouse! ( And keeps tools from sliding or rolling off of roofs!) 

Hard to hang tools 
EazyHold slides on to the handles of hard-to-hang tools like rakes, shovels, mops, and trowels, for easy hanging, to keep your tool-shed and garage neatly organized. 

Working on boat motors or rocket ships
Keep your tools from sinking to the bottom of the ocean or floating off into outer space!

Keeps fingers free
Allows you to maintain grip on tools while keeping fingers free to position a nail, screw, or pick up a dropped nut!

8 Different Sizes
Fits small to large hands sizes, and adapts to hundreds of different tools and equipment for an easy hold.

Made of 100% FDA approved Silicone, EazyHold is hypoallergenic, latex free, comfortable to wear, and will not slip off the hand in wet environments. 

Eazyhold universal cuff adaptive aid

Buy Now!

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