EazyHolds 2017-2018 Gift Guide for Children with Special Needs

Is it just us? Or does it seem like the holidays sneak up on us every year! Once Halloween has turned into Christmas and Hanukkah in retail stores, we forget about the entire month of November and start to panic about who's getting what for the gift-giving occasions in December! 

We thought it'd be a great idea to Remember November and shine a light on small businesses for our first annual Special Needs Holiday Gift Guide in honor of Small Business Saturday (November 25th)

The ToothBrush Pillow

1.The Toothbrush Pillow
This product holds any toothbrush steady and is great for children that have not yet developed fine motor skills, and any individuals that have the daily struggle due to Parkinson's, Arthritis, Stroke or Upper Limb Differences

2. Handsocks
What started out as a way to keep an infant’s hands warm, turned into so much more. Handsocks provide protection, warmth, and comfort from infancy to 3T. They are a no-fling mitten which can provide a great deal of relief for a parent while a child is recovering from a surgery and needs to keep their tiny hands away from healing incisions.

Splashy Seat by Firefly
3.Splashy by Firefly
Splashy is a portable seat for children with disabilities. Primarily used for bathing, the Splashy is lightweight and easily transported outside, and anywhere around your home.

Limb Loss/Limb Different Bear by Vermont Bear
4. Limb Loss & Limb Different Bear by Vermont Bear
Working closely with the Amputee Coalition, Vermont Bear brings us the Limb Loss/Limb Different Teddy Bear. This bear can be customized and is for everyone!

EZPZ Fun Mat
5. EZPZ mat
An excellent feeding solution for anyone mastering self feeding. This mealtime mat suctions to your table for no more tipped bowl or plate messes.

Reindeer In Here by Adam Reed
6. "Reindeer In Here"
Start a new Holiday tradition for your family with “Reindeer in Here”, a sweet story about a Reindeer with one short antler.

ChewStixx Tough Bar
7. ChewStixx
ChewStixx is a great chewable hand fidget designed with children with disabilities in mind. Their products improve sensory processing, oral motor, and gross motor skills.

All Mesh Tunnel from Pacific Play Tents
8. All Mesh Tunnel by Pacific Play Tents
This all mesh tunnel is ideal so that your child can feel secure and see the familiar faces of mom, dad, or caregiver. Tunnel play is an excellent way to develop core and neck strength through “tummy time”.

SipSnap Snug Spout by Double/Double and Boon
9. SipSnap Snug Spout
This universal sippy cup lid can be stretched to provide a spill proof cup for your child at home or on the go!

EazyHold Universal Cuff Daily Living Aid
10. EazyHold
The EazyHold is a fun way for kids to hold toys, teethers, musical instruments, dog leashes, sports equipment, sippy cups, bottles, toothbrushes and so much more! The flexible universal cuffs attach securely to get a grip on handles of just about anything! 

We hope you enjoyed our first annual Special Needs Holiday Gift Guide! We'd love to hear your suggestions for gifts from small businesses. Comment below to let us know your choices or your favorite item on our list.  

 Happy Holidays!

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