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7 Ways to Avoid Arthritic Pain

Looking for a ways to avoid arthritic pain?

You may be surprised to know a few small changes during your daily routine may help. Let's take a look at some of the things you can do to get started.

1. Talk to your doctor first

Before you do anything, you should talk to your doctor to make sure it's okay for you to explore the following.

2. Use Your EazyHold Around the House

Whether you're in the kitchen, garden, or other part of the house you enjoy spending time, consider using your EazyHold universal cuff for as many daily activities possible. This relieves the stress on your joints, which can in turn reduce pain.

3. Start with small exercise

The key to avoiding injury is to ease into exercising regularly. Start with small exercises and gradually increase how long you spend exercising.

4. Join a community for support

You may enjoy connecting with a group, as this is where people can develop new friendships with people who understand and share the same problems. In addition, you will find your group of new friends encouraging.

5. Consider yoga

Yoga has become extremely popular due to its focus on whole body health and stretching. It isn't scientifically proven to help, but many people have taken up the lifestyle due to the way it makes them feel. You'll never really know unless you try it, right?

6. Go for a swim

Low impact activity is the best you can ask for when you have arthritis. Treading water can help move those joints without the additional stress.

7. Make time for a warm up session

If you find small exercises still cause pain, consider trying a warm up session before you start your workout.


What do you find helpful in regard in to avoiding arthritic pain as you go about your day? 

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Julia Snyder

I find that all of these are good. Especially the Yoga and the Swimming. Fairly easy on the body and joints. Eugene Sims’ book How I Achieved Freedom From Arthritis has taught me things along those lines, his methods are very low impact and they really have given me nearly pain free days. And that as we all know is a very good thing. Might be a good resource for others, freedomfromarthritis.com is his site.

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