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Daily Living Aids for Seniors Make Independence Possible Again

Everyday tasks often grow more challenging as you age. Common undertakings like making your bed or putting on a pair of socks can become difficult and time consuming if not outright impossible. You can make your daily life easier and enjoy your retirement by using these innovative and simple solutions designed for independent senior living.

Pull-Up Sock Aid

Something as simple as pulling up your socks can be difficult if you suffer from conditions like arthritis or perhaps are recovering from surgery. You also may find this task to be impossible if you no longer have a firm grasp in your hands or fingers. 

A pull-up sock aid, however, can make putting on a pair of socks easier and faster. This stretchy, band-like device attaches to either side of your sock. You then can pull the sock over your foot and above your ankle. You no longer have to bend over and experience pain while putting on your socks.

EazyHold Cuff

A weakened hand or finger grip can also make it challenging to use everyday utensils like silverware or a hairbrush. When you have troubles eating, combing your hair, or enjoying hobbies like painting, you may find relief by using an invention like an EazyHold cuff.

The cuff fits over the handle of the utensil you wish to use. You then slip your hand under the cuff so that you gain a firmer grasp on the item being used. The cuff fits any hand size and can be used on multiple items that you otherwise may find impossible or difficult to handle on your own.

Voice Amplifiers

Many seniors lose the ability to speak loudly and clearly. When you have troubles being heard in group settings or out in public, you may benefit by wearing a voice amplifying device.

A voice amplifier can be worn as an attachment around your neck or throat. It projects your voice so that others hear you louder and clearer. You no longer have to shout or strain your larynx trying to get people to take notice of what you are saying. 

Chair Lifts

Another common challenge that seniors face is the ability to rise after sitting in a chair or on a sofa. When you suffer from weak knees or a bad back, you may be unable to get out of a sitting position without having to grab onto something or someone for support.

A chair lift, however, allows you to rise comfortably without support or pain. It can be place directly under you on the seat or cushion on which you plan to sit. 

Illuminated, Large-Print Phones

Your phone is a valuable resource that lets you call for help if you become sick or hurt. When you cannot see the numbers, however, you may lose valuable time calling 911 or loved ones for assistance.

You can make phone calls quickly and easily with a large-print phone that lights up when you use it. You can see the numbers clearly without having to turn on a light or squinting to see the numbers and letters on the buttons.

The aging process robs people of their ability to carry out normal, everyday tasks. You can make your life easier by using these inventions designed for seniors.


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