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8 Common Symptoms of Arthritis in Your Hands

If you feel pain developing in your hands, you may be feeling the symptoms of arthritis. Consider taking a look at the following common symptoms of arthritis if you discover every day tasks are becoming increasingly painful.

Common Symptoms of Arthritis in Your Hands

These are general symptoms, which may or may not be present during the development of arthritis.

  • Painful joints, including in your fingers, wrists, and thumbs
  • Bony knobs on finger joints
  • Finger numbness
  • Joints that appear irritated, swollen, or red
  • Stiffness in the fingers
  • Growth of lumps under the skin – particularly with rheumatoid arthritis
  • Fingers that look like “swollen sausages” in patients with psoriatic arthritis
  • Difficulty with motions that require gripping and twisting, such as opening jars

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Are you experiencing any other common symptoms of arthritis in your hands? If so, what are they and how are you coping?

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