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Jeremy has cerebral palsy and has been in a wheelchair since he was 3 years old. His dad builds amazing costumes around Jeremy's wheelchair. This year's costume is no exception. Humankind
This year’s most epic Halloween costume goes to ... Jeremy Scott! Jeremy’s dad, Ryan, created this Ghostbusters masterpiece — a perfectly scaled replica of the Ecto-1 that encompasses Jeremy’s wheelchair.

Jeremy, 8, has spina bifida and has been in a wheelchair for the past five years.

His dad has been building these head-turning Halloween costumes for his son yearly. Jeremy has been Batman, Darth Vader, a pirate with a ship, a Star Wars snowspeeder and even Captain America.

Jeremy premiered the Ecto-1 earlier this month at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, where he receives treatment.

“I love the smile that it brings to Jeremy and how much he gets into it,“ Jeremy’s dad, Ryan, tells USA Today. “We have also loved the smiles it puts on others’ faces. That's part of why we went and visited the hospital. We wanted to bring smiles to the kids there because we know all too well what long hospital stays are like.”

On Halloween night, dad and Jeremy plan on showcasing the car in all of its glory — sirens blaring and music booming.

“We also plan on bringing the blow-up Stay Puft Marshmallow Man behind Jeremy to really make a spectacle!” promises Ryan.

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