Stroke Boot Camp Therapeutic Drum Circle

This past July, the Wahlbangers Drum Circle Organization held a therapeutic drum circle at the Chapman University Stroke Boot Camp with a little extra assistance from EaZyHold grip assists!

The Wahlbangers mission:

To bang down walls of stress, isolation, and stigma and build bridges to inclusion, acceptance, and wellness through the therapeutic benefits of group drumming.

Music therapy can improve language skills and motor function. Even just listening to music for an hour a day has been shown to improve memory, attention, and mood stimulates structural change and improvement in the brain for stroke survivors in the early stages of recovery.


Drumming in particular can be helpful in neurorehabilitation. According to, “repetition is central to neurorehabilitation, which makes drumming and rhythm the perfect accompaniment to existing stroke rehabilitation treatment, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and clinical psychology.”

Participants used EaZyHold Cuffs to help them hold their drum sticks. Check it out!

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