Our Favorite Instruments for Music Therapy

Piano Keys that say "Music Theray"

Music Therapy has been proven to help individuals in the disabled and special needs community to strengthen their abilities in all areas of their lives. Whether the individuals needs are cognitive, emotional, social or physical, music therapy can provide an incredible outlet to healing and communication.

We rounded up some of our favorite instruments to help your and your loved ones take part in music therapy at home:

** all of these instruments can be used with both hands for symmetrical hand coordination and are colorful for visual stimulation! Each item can also be used with 1 or 2 EazyHold's for an excellent sensory experience.**

What other musical instruments have you used during music therapy? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

Don't forget you can shop all of these items through smile.amazon.com and make a donation to your favorite non profit organization.


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