How to Help Seniors Living Alone

Avoiding Isolation

Avoiding isolation is very important for seniors. Loneliness is associated with higher blood pressure and stress levels. This A Place for Mom article on preventing social isolation in seniors suggests reaching out to friends and neighbors to ask them to visit your loved one, and focusing on having family time. They also suggest volunteering, signing up for senior center programs, and joining exercise classes.

Elder Care Resources

The National Council on Aging has a very comprehensive guide on resources for elder support. It includes information on assistive devices, transportation, housekeeping, healthcare, senior centers and programs, medication management, and finances. There are many factors to consider when aging at home alone and resources like The NCOA, AARP, and Area Agencies on Aging can be very helpful to ensure a healthy, safe, and happy lifestyle.

Assistive Devices

As we get older, it is normal for our grip strength to weaken, especially with conditions like arthritis. Assistive devices like EaZyHold universal cuffs can help seniors continue to do the daily activities that are important and necessary. This independence helps to reinforce a positive mindset and combat mental health problems.


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