Children with Physical Disabilities: The Importance of Playtime - EazyHold

children with physical disabilities Playtime is important for the development of any child whether they have a disability or not. You might have a difficult time thinking of activities that a child with a physical disability is able to participate in. Luckily there are many accommodations that are available which allow any child to engage in games and activities. 

Games help children learn how to communicate with people. Joining a sports team or even just playing family games can provide many benefits to the development of your children.

Sometimes it can take a child with a disability a little bit of time to figure out the best way for them to handle different equipment pertaining to a game or activity. According to Kathleen Doheny's article on, games are suppose to be fun and relaxing for children. Therefore you should let your child try to figure out their own ways of doing things, yet if they begin to get frustrated you should step in and help them out before they get so irritated that the activity is no longer fun. 

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