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As you get older, your ability to grip things becomes weaker and less reliable. You may no longer be able to pick up a pen, handle the TV remote, answer the phone, or reach for items on a higher shelf without fumbling or dropping the item you want to use. 

When maintaining your independence stands out as one of your primary goals as you age, you want to consider any means necessary to help you achieve it. Devices like EazyHold and other gripping mechanisms make everyday tasks like making a phone call or reaching for something easier and more enjoyable.

Devices Designed for Your Capabilities

Most people do not like having to rely on others for help. The thought of asking someone to write something down for you or grab a book on the shelf is galling and even insulting to someone of your former capabilities. However, if aging has invited challenges like rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other restrictive conditions in your hands and arms, you most likely find even the smallest tasks involving holding or grasping something to be difficult and painful.

A gripping device is your best solution to maintaining your independence and easing those tasks that once were overwhelming and frustrating. It features sturdy non-slip grips that extend easily and open wide to grab onto any item that you need or want. You no longer have to strain to grab onto something or fear it falling on your head or toes because you cannot maintain your grip.

It also extends to whatever length you need so that you are able to reach things close to you or far away on a shelf or across the table. This multi-functional tool is designed to be used by people who are mobile yet have limited motor capabilities as well as those individuals confined to a wheelchair or the bed because of an injury or illness.

Other Senior Devices

The aging process likewise robs you of your ability to see and hear. Tasks that involve reading something or even dialing the phone prove to be frustrating and difficult. You need something that will help you see small print as well as hear better when people speak to you. Devices like magnifiers, large print TV remotes and phones, and portable speakers make your home more suited to your unique physical and lifestyle needs.

These devices and others like them are available today online. You do not have to shop around in local stores or restrict your choices to what these merchants offer you. The order you place online will be shipped directly to your home so that you are able to resume normal daily routines without limitations or difficulties.

Growing older is inevitable. However, you no longer have to resign your favorite activities and normal tasks to age-related conditions like arthritis or reduced vision. Specially designed equipment is now available to you online. 

These items accommodate your unique limitations and also help you carry out tasks like making phone calls, reading, or grabbing onto something on a shelf easier. You no longer have to ask others in your household for help. Your independence will be restored and maintained for longer when you use equipment designed for your specific needs and capabilities in mind.

EazyHold offers a collection of comfortable silicone hand straps to assist those challenged by weakened hand grip, arthritis and other disabilities. Visit our blog to learn more, or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to stay in touch.

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