5 Articles You Don't Want to Miss This Week 2

5 Articles You Don't Want to Miss This Week


Welcome back to another edition of EazyHold Weekly.

Take a look at the top five articles below to catch up on everything we've been exploring this week.

5 Simple Hand Exercises for Kids – Here are five simple exercises that focus on exercising the muscles in your hands.

10 Ways to Cope with Arthritis – Take a look at these ten things you can try if you struggle with arthritis.

200+ DIY Occupational therapy Tools – If you're interested in finding a way to create your own occupational therapy tools and devices at home, take a look at this article.

Low-Tech Stroke Rehabilitation Exercises – A few simple low-tech rehab exercises can try to incorporate into your workout routine.

8 Creative Ways to Build Better Motor Skills – A few ways you can exercise and develop your motor skills.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of EazyHold Weekly and invite you back this time next week for another edition.

Until then, enjoy your weekend!

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