VOTE for us as Amazon's Women Owned Business of the Year!

EazyHold is up for Amazon's Women-Owned Business of the year and we need your help! 
As the only inclusive and adaptive product of the final six nominees, we are asking for you to VOTE for us!

By voting, you're helping bring awareness about inclusive products needing to be a part of the mainstream market-place. Adaptive devices are needed by a large community and, unfortunately, people don't always know where to look for them. Amazon is such a great platform for ability products and we want to continue to spread our reach to the differently-abled communities. 

"Because of my own experience with arthritis, I invented a universal grip cuff. Special Ed teachers love that my aid doesn’t look like a disability product, fostering more inclusion. Therapists/nurses love them because they don’t harbor bacteria and are easily sanitized. Incredibly honored and moved, I get to see the results of providing a simple product to enable people with cerebral palsy, limb loss, stroke, ALS, brain injury, arthritis, or autism hold a spoon, hold a baseball bat, or ride a bike"
- Kerry Mellin
Founder, Inventor of EazyHold

The voting window ends at Midnight PST on Friday, November 8th, 2019.
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